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Welcome to the See it To Be it Coach Development Program! Here at See it To Be it, we are decided to #changingthegame to create an inclusive space for girls to play the game. We promote learning resiliency through teaching girls how to play, how to win, and how to lose. Our goal is to empower and inspire girls to lead, learn, and play.






We're on a mission:

Building a movement and making space for girls in sports

But we can't do it alone. The ability to create a positive learning environment for girls in sport starts with the coaches. With that in mind CGB has created the “See It to Be It” Coach Development Program to give Coaches the tools to be effective leaders in their sport. While CGB was born from a baseball background, the “See It to Be It” program focuses on our philosophies for girl-specific coaching and can be applied to any sport. We believe that ALL girls who want to play a sport should be able to. We know that girls face enough barriers to joining sports and we work hard every day to break down as many barriers to participation as possible. Our approach to coaching focuses on making sport more accessible and engaging for girls.



The “See It to Be It” Coach Development Program is comprised as a series of workshops to give coaches tools and resources to be better equipped at coaching girls in sport.


Coaching Girls in Sport 101

In this interactive three-hour* workshop, attendees explore coaching philosophies directed toward girls in sport, factors that influence girls involvement through sport. and tools on creating a positive team culture. 

Complete the workshop to become a See it To Be it -certified Level 1  Coach, with knowhow on:

Coaching Philosophy

  • Redefine your definition of success

  • Be a coach that girls trust and respect

  • Fill players E-Tanks

Keeping Girls in Sport

  • Based on researched-based insights from experts in coaching, education, and sport psychology

Creating Positive Culture

  • Hands-on training in field-tested practical, proven tips tools that coaches can implement simply - but with profound results

  • Tools as principles to handle common challenges when coaching girls in sport

Source Material

  • In person/virtual workshops

  • Video testimonial from team Canada Players

  • Printable coaching workbook/guide

*Can be done in one 3 hour session or three 1 hour session.


Looking for more sport specific tools and resources? For coaches who have completed Coaching Girls in Sport 101 workshop, these sport specific workshops build off our coaching philosophies to implement in sport specific scenarios that integrate skill development with player development.


Introduction to Coaching Girls In Baseball

In this interactive two-hour workshop, attendees apply coaching practices directed toward girls in baseball, learn basics of the game, specific activities that merge skill and player development, and specific language to reinforce positive team culture. 

Complete the workshop to become a See it To Be it-certified Level 1 Baseball Coach, with knowhow on:

Baseball Basics

  • Rules of the sport

Keeping Girls on The Field

  • Designing dynamic practice sessions

  • Engaging drills/games to implement in practice that merge skill and player development

Maintaining Positive Team Culture

  • Establishing and maintaining team culture through specific language and “team cheers” to reinforce values

  • Strategies for common challenges during coaching games  such as allocating playing time,  dealing with blow-out games, and maintaining composure in difficult situations

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